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Swimming in rivers


The Tuves Bridge
To access this bridge, you will have to leave the village of Saint-Cézaire and follow the Siagne, through a forest of centuries-old oaks. After about 45 minutes of walking, you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes: the Tuves bridge and its waterfall, a beautiful little beach, many ruins that bear witness to an important agricultural activity in the past...
A place to recommend to nature lovers, lovers of freshness and invigorating swimming.  (Source:


The Estéron, whose pure water is remarkably green, offers a variety of pleasures. Its course, sometimes quiet, sometimes tumultuous, allows very pleasant swimming in its large "launes", invigorating massages in its "jacuzzi", diving from the top of its rocks as well as the practice of canoeing. Roquestéron beach is the perfect place to set up your checkered tablecloth and have a picnic with family or friends. From the car park, access to the river is very easy. Convenient for transporting coolers!
The less cautious can do a few breaststrokes there while others will enjoy the ideal terrain for a game of pétanque.


La Siagne, lets hear the dull rumbling omnipresent of its tumultuous waters...
Sometimes forming splendid chaos, sometimes spreading out in peaceful translucent lagoons, its waters create a spectacular forced passage under the natural arch of the Ponadieu.

To get there, you will have to walk 45 minutes to 1 hour (accessible to everyone). The path is downhill and leads to a basin overhung by this magnificent natural arch which spans the river for 521 meters. The path that leads to the Ponadieu bridge runs along part of the Combe valley, which is particularly pleasant because it is shaded by large holm oaks.   (Source:


From the village of Pont du Loup, go up the path behind the Florian confectionery. The more you go up, the prettier it is and the impressive waterfalls, it takes between 10 minutes for the first quiet pitches at the edge of the water and 45 minutes for the beautiful basins and waterfalls which are upstream from the second footbridge.
Be careful, the path is steep and not recommended with young children.
The water is cold, and the river is turbulent, caution is required. Parking is tricky in the Gorges du Loup or Pont du Loup, please respect the official locations…


Short and very aquatic, the Clue de la Cerise is mainly traversed by swimming in the magnificent setting of the lower Estéron valley. If this course is accessible to a wide public, it nevertheless requires suitable equipment, a good level of swimming and a correct physical condition, so as not to be carried away by the current of the river. By climbing on the banks, jumps of all heights will enhance the progression during the descent.  (Source:

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